Posted by: jeandurand | June 7, 2010

Aptitude the Foundation of Career Decision-Making

An aptitude test is probably the most strenuous of all psychometric tests. The aptitude test is also the foundation of sound career decision-making.  From my own analysis and interpretation of psychometric testing it is probably the starting point of my career recommendations.  I also utilise aptitude tests for further elaboration with the individual on which career path to follow.

During my career as an Industrial Psychologist I have identified four aptitude types:  1) the Obama type 2)  the Newton Type 3) the Edison type and the 4) da Vinci type.

Barack Obama became the 44th president of the United States.  His oratory abilities backed up by a brilliant marketing campaign made him the first African American president of the United States.  The Obama type are brilliant orators.  They have the gift of the gab, have an excellent vocabulary and also have brilliant reasoning capabilities.  Usually these gifts incorporate the ability to read and comprehend a large amount of information.  Furthermore, this type is also able to process a large amount of information and remember it well for a long time to come.

Isaac Newton was arguably one of the greatest mathematicians and scientist that walked on this planet.  He was said to be the founder of calculus but was more famous for his discovery of the law of gravity.  The Newton type are excellent at subjects such as mathematics and science.

Thomas Edison was one of history’s most famous engineers and inventors.  He is best known as the person who invented the light bulb.  This type has brilliant spatial visualization, scientific, mathematical as well as mechanical abilities.

It needs to be taken into consideration that an individual could be a combination of any two of the three types above.  However the most interesting type is the da Vinci type that has all three of above abilities.  Da Vinci was the ultimate multi-tasker and was a famous architect, botanist, writer, musician, artist and inventor.

Not all of us can be a da Vinci therefore it important to determine your special gift and decide from there which career direction you will pursue.  In order to ensure job satisfaction, aptitude tests should be combined with an interest and a personality test.

Jean du Rand is a Port Elizabeth based Industrial Psychologist specialising in psychometric testing, career counselling, organisational interventions and labour relations.  Jean du Rand is also a part-time Human Resources lecturer at Varsity College.

View and send your career or workplace queries to .  You are also welcome to phone Jean on 082 – 382 4684.


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