Posted by: jeandurand | March 25, 2010

We are what we are

Remember when Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) tried to convince his old friend Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) not to make a come back in the ring against a grueling opponent, Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren).  Despite the wise best effort of Rocky, Apollo retaliated with these unforgettable words, “ We are what we are Stallion.”  Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed were fighters and always will be fighters.  Fighters have certain personality characteristics.  In the case of Rocky and Apollo courage, a never say die attitude, the hunger to win and defying the odds.

When navigating the treacherous waters of career choice or change it is critical that you know what your distinct personality type is.  In order to ensure job satisfaction and success it is essential that your personality type should fit your career type.

Are you an extrovert?  Then you are energized when around others and tend to get bored when on your own.  You tend to thrive in social situations and you will feel like a fish in water when working in fields such as management, teaching and sales.

Are you an introvert?  Then you take pleasure in solitary activities such as painting, reading, drawing or using computers.  Artists, writers, inventors and composers all tend to be introverts concerned with their own mental life.

Now imagine the opposite an extrovert never seeing anybody all day and only reading alone at home.  Pure hell!!!  Now imagine the introvert forced to a life of public speaking.  You don’t need an expert to predict a nervous breakdown at an early age.

There are many more personality types than introvert or extrovert.  Do you concentrate on detail?  Do you rather prefer focusing on the “big picture”?

Are your decisions influenced by your feelings and/or emotions?  Do you make your decisions based on logic or facts?  Is your life run by the clock or do you have a more carefree perspective on time?  You are what you are.

If you feel out of sync and uneasy in your current career because it does not match your personality type my advice is that you consult a career counselor.  The time to do it is now. Remember you are what you are.

Jean du Rand is a Port Elizabeth based Industrial Psychologist specialising in psychometric testing, career counselling, organisational interventions and labour relations.  Jean du Rand features on Bay FM between 11:00 and 12:00 every last Monday of the month and is also a part-time Human Resources lecturer at Varsity College.

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